Sean Abbott’s Solar Success

Sean Abbott had been growing Eye Kandi Solar for 4 years and was doing well with a team of four to five guys but wanted to grow larger. He hired Buddy to update his Google Business Profile (at the time called Google My Business) and do some work to it to help him get more clients.

Buddy did the work and Sean mentioned he saw an uptick in calls. At that point, Buddy was involved in a number of other projects. About a year later Sean came to Buddy’s office and hired him to create a pitch deck for a large Japanese company and potential large contract. They worked on it into the evening. As he was leaving Sean mentioned he got into a huge fight with his wife the night before.

“Oh really, what happened?” Buddy asked.

“I had a nasty potential client writing all over my social media that I was a fake and never answered messages and no one should do business with me. I deleted all of them but one and responded in a professional manner like you said I should. I then went and checked and my wife hasn’t been responding to Facebook messages in 3 months. I was so pissed at her that we got in a huge fight.”

“I am sorry you guys got in a huge fight.” I said, then followed up with, “I thought the majority of your business came from Facebook.”

“No, since you updated us on Google Maps we get almost all of our business from there. I couldn’t have handled any more jobs anyway but still, she should be responding to people.”

I remember offering Sean another drink on the way out but my head was spinning. I knew Sean had tripled profits and gone from 5 guys to 20 and I knew part of that was due to what I had done for him on google maps but didn’t realize almost 100% of his business was now coming from Google. I was thinking all kinds of things. I can’t believe that even though I have been involved in marketing since the ‘90s I completely missed how important Google Maps had become for businesses. I need to start a business doing this for other people. :-) In 2023 that is more true than ever.

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Here's what the additional income did for Sean:

  • Sean was able to buy additional trucks and equipment.

  • He had the confidence to raise his fees because even with 3 to 4 teams working different jobs he had more business than he could handle.

  • He was able to “fire” bad clients and no longer take every job that came his way.

  • He was able to buy land and build out his own storefront and showroom with a cafe to entertain potential clients.

  • He was able to place larger orders for solar panels and equipment getting better rates which allowed him to respond to jobs right away and get better deals thereby further increasing his profitability.

In short, neither Sean nor Buddy knew how much his life would change with some basic Google Maps work optimization. Since then Buddy did a deep dive into Google Maps and Google Business Profiles and has learned from the best in the world to deliver unbeatable results for your business and help you become a market leader.

We can’t promise that you will triple your profitability as Sean did, but we can promise you that you’ll get more business from Google and that you’ll be in a better position to weather the storm next time there is a
downturn in the economy and grab a larger share of your local market.

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